Monday, October 20, 2008

Rylie-12 Months Old

Every month I've put her in a really cute outfit & took a picture of her. Well, I decided for her 12 month shot, what better outfit than her birthday suit!

Since the 11 months old post, Rylie....
-moved from soft spout sippys to plain big-girl sippys
-started clapping & will do it on request
-remembers where things go (i.e. I took out an earring & let her hold it & look at it & when she was done, she held it up to my ear & was trying to put it back)

We dont visit the doctor until Wednesday but we did visit a children's store last week that had a baby scale & she comes in right over 19 lbs so we have to wait until she's 20 lbs to turn her car seat around even though she's already a year old.

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