Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nutricious & Delicious

Last Thursday we used up the rest of Rylie's formula & started her on whole milk. She took to it right away & didn't even notice a difference. I gotta say I'm so relieved we're already on this! We were going to wait until her 1st birthday, but then we decided once we finished the formula in the house we'd go ahead & switch. It's so much easier now! We can just order milk at restaurants or pick up a pint on the go instead of mixing formula-not to mention cheaper!
Rylie is also really on the go with switching to all table foods. I was hoping to have her off baby foods completely by her 1st birthday, but I dont think we'll quite make it. She does good for breakfast & lunch, but for dinner she'll try what David & I are eating & then she wants her baby food veggies. But we're well on our way!
No recent pics for today-sorry! Check back soon!

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