Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Sunday morning David & I attended our Sunday School class we used to attend (and still keep up with on their blog-linked on the side bar) and even brought breakfast! Rylie got to see everybody again too. She didn't get into the whole lesson though & conked out on David's lap. lol After class we joined Vince, Mary & Malia for lunch. I'm sorry these pictures aren't the best of Rylie & Malia-there wasn't good light in there & it was very crowded so I couldn't like get up & move around a lot to get good angles of them. Malia was so cute & social though. Rylie started to not feel good & mostly just sucked her thumb. She did try to share her crunchies with Malia though! It was good to see everyone & can't wait to visit again!

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