Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday was Rylie's actual birthday & we had a special day all planned for her! First, David & I woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday." Then she ate a yummy breakfast-her favorite pancakes & banana. Then we took her 12 month pictures before getting her dressed in her cute birthday outfit.
We then let her open her special gift from Mommy & Daddy (a porcelein baby girl holding a #1) along with her birthday card which we both wrote sweet messages to her on.

Then we took more pictures outside as the moonwalk people came to pick it up.

Then we took Rylie to Babies R Us where she got a birthday crown to wear & a balloon!

Then, the loooong awaited trip had finally come! We took Rylie to Build-A-Bear! We'd been planning that since right after we found out we were having a girl last summer! Seriously, this has been long-awaited! lol It was very surreal that it was finally here. Rylie had so much fun at Build-A-Bear!

Picking out skin of bear she wants

Picking out sound box for bear-she picked "Happy Birthday!"

Stepping on pedal for machine to stuff her bear

Her bear being stuffed

Testing out the stuffing to make sure it's enough

Her bear getting a "bath"

Picking out clothes & accessories

Making the birth certificate

Her bear's done!

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart real quick on the way home where Rylie decided she was all tuckered out.
So we went home & put her down for a nap, which she only ended up playing in her crib for an hour (come on, 1 year olds dont need a nap anymore! lol) while I got the rest of the party stuff cleaned up & her presents put away.
Then Mimi & Uncle Daniel joined us for a nice birthday dinner for Rylie, cooked by David! Afterwards, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Rylie again & she got to finish her little cake!

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