Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally Cooler Weather!

It's getting nice outside now! We're sooo excited! I think I overbought on Rylie for Fall clothes, but then I was told they're predicting a very very cold winter, so it'll all be good.

Today Rylie & I took a walk before lunch since it was nice outside.

Then, after her nap & snack we played in the backyard for awhile before David got home from work. The twin boys next door gave Rylie their little slide they outgrew, so she played on it for the first time today!

Here are some more cute pictures of Rylie playing outside that I just love love love too much not to share! =)

Happy to see Daddy when he came home!
(Isn't he so handsome in his suit?!)

This picture was completely by accident. She was crawling over to me to steal the camera!

I love her mischievious grin in this one!

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The Pifer's said...

It looks like she has so many teeth in the top pic, how many does she have? She is so cute! The pic if her and David is adorable, but my fav is the one where her tounge is sticking out :o)!!!! I love her eyes as well, I thought babies eyes only changed in the first couple months and that was it??? I guess they can change through out the years too????? and those cup cakes look freaking yummy!!!!!! You were just a little blog poster tonight :o) I am glad, I got to catch up :o) Hope you have a good to you tomorrow :o)