Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr Visit

I took Rylie to her 12 month checkup today. Everything is great! Here are her stats now:
*weight 19.5 lbs-20 percentile
*height 29 1/2 in-70 percentile
*head 45 3/4-70 percentile
She even stood on the big girl scale all by herself! The dr said her weight is a little low so we have to wait about a month to turn her carseat around. Rylie gets to eat about anything now! Just no peanuts or shell fish. We're starting eggs tomorrow! She said she needs to eat more fatty, high protein foods to keep her weight from going down anymore. She's just so mobile right now it's hard to get her to gain any. The dr did say Rylie is doing great with verbal communication though! Also, she's getting her molars in-yikes!
Then she got some shots. She was sooo good though & didn't even cry until after the 2nd one went in! We only got 3 shots today because we're going back in a month to get the other flu shot & they'll give us the rest then. She stopped crying as soon as the nurse left the room. lol Then they gave her a sticker that she was just mesmerized by all the way home.
Here's her dr visit pictures (yes, I'm one of those moms! lol)

Playing in the waiting rm in her cute Halloween outfit!
(Bow made by friend Becca, Kendall's Mommy!)


Her boo boo's after shots =(

Loves that sticker!

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Too Cute said...

Awww, she looks precious in her little cat shirt!! I'm glad the shots went well. Never a fun time when shots are involved.