Monday, October 13, 2008

Beep! Beep!

The CUTEST thing in the world happened Thursday evening. Rylie & I were sitting outside as it was getting dark enjoying the cool weather. The twin boys next door came home from dinner with their dad & one of them came running across the yard shouting "Rylie! Rylie!" The other boy followed him pushing a little ride-in car & I thought aww they're coming over to play with Rylie. Then the little boy pushed the car up to Rylie & said "Here, Rylie! Here, Rylie!" Their dad said they'd outgrown their little cars & wanted to give one to Rylie. Then, get this-one of the twins walked over & OPENED THE DOOR FOR HER!!! HAHA It was seriously the CUTEST, SWEETEST little thing I'd ever seen. Their dad was so proud of them! So the other day we took Rylie out to test drive her little car & got some video. She loves the thing! The pictures didn't come out that night, so we took more pictures yesterday & here they are!

She's so cool!


She even has a place to take her toys for a ride!

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