Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Afternoon Bow Making

While Rylie napped today I thought I'd tackle making some more bows. I've decided that I refuse to spend any more $$ buying her bows!! So a friend of mine gave me some tips on how she does hers & I got to it today. I've really improved from the first ones I made Rylie! I made 3 today to match some of her Fall clothes. Here's my successes....

This bow still needs the apple button attached in the middle to match the apples on the straps.

While I was at crafting today, I also made my first bow holder!! It's not for Rylie though. We gave it to her friend Kendall today. I think it came out great as well! These things are way overpriced in stores & soooo cheap & easy to make!

(Rhinestones applied by hand, but sign was already painted pink)

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