Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat!

Rylie was such a cute ladybug tonight! She did so good too-didn't fidgit with her costume at all or try pulling it off. We took her down our street & saw her friends for a little while. Then we came home & handed out our candy while David made us dinner-grilled steaks (Mmmmm!) Rylie got lots of candy! I think it was an excellent 1st "official" Halloween for her. She got lots of compliments in her costume!

Rylie & her friends Raegan & Josh

Rylie & her twin Kendall lol
(We really never told each other what costumes our girls would wear & they ended up with the exact same one! Great minds think alike!)

"Trick or treat, please?"

"Oh yeah! Look at all this candy I got!"


Happy Halloween!!!

I feel like this is Rylie's actual 1st Halloween because last year she was only a week old & slept the whole day. This year she gets to dress up & go trick or treating! Tonight she's going to be a ladybug! I cannot wait to put her costume on her! Here's pictures of her playing with her trick or treat basket this morning. She was wondering why it was empty! lol Pictures will be posted tonight after she gets her goodies from the neighbors in her costume! Stay safe everyone!

I made her this Halloween shirt last-minute last night because her other orange & white kitty shirt got ruined in the wash =(

"I'm ready for trick or treatin!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween at Kindermusik

Yesterday's class looked ready for Halloween! The kiddos wore Halloween outfits & looked so cute!
Rylie & Kendall had the same shirts on!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Rylie & I met up with her Kindermusik friends at a church hosting a pumpkin patch. Lemme just say how freakin cold it was this morning!!! I checked the weather an hour before we left wearing just a long sleeve shirt & it felt fine, just a little windy. When we got to the church, the wind had really picked up & I could've sworn I put Rylie's sweater in her bag just in case we needed it, but evidently it fell back out & her turtleneck wasn't enough. Poor baby was not liking that wind & cold so we barely stayed like 7 minutes & then we all headed to lunch. These pictures aren't the best, but I still love them & it was only her first pumpkin patch!

"Ok Mommy, I'm ready to go now!"

Happy Sunday!

Sunday morning David & I attended our Sunday School class we used to attend (and still keep up with on their blog-linked on the side bar) and even brought breakfast! Rylie got to see everybody again too. She didn't get into the whole lesson though & conked out on David's lap. lol After class we joined Vince, Mary & Malia for lunch. I'm sorry these pictures aren't the best of Rylie & Malia-there wasn't good light in there & it was very crowded so I couldn't like get up & move around a lot to get good angles of them. Malia was so cute & social though. Rylie started to not feel good & mostly just sucked her thumb. She did try to share her crunchies with Malia though! It was good to see everyone & can't wait to visit again!

Weddings=One Good Time!

Let me first start off by saying this has been the year of weddings for us to attend! This past Saturday was our 5th wedding this year, 3rd to attend. My cousin Josh married his fiance Katie on a cliff overlooking Lake Whitney. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day! It was perfect sunset & beautiful view! David was the videographer & it's now my project to edit it all so look forward to that coming soon (hopefully! lol) I took a lot of pictures though to edit into the video as well. Rylie stayed with Grandma because she hasn't been feeling well lately & it would've been her bedtime during the reception. I'm sad this is our last wedding to attend for awhile, but it really was an awesome time & I'm so happy for the lovely couple! Congrats again Josh & Katie! I get a new cousin! =)

PS There's a video of Josh's dance with his mom on our video link on the sidebar. I'm sorry I didn't get any of Josh & Katie's 1st dance =( All other wedding pics are in Ashlee's photo album linked on the sidebar as well.

Also congrats to Dawn & Brett whom also got married Saturday & we couldn't attend their wedding in Houston because obviously we atttended my cousins. Best of luck to you guys also!

Rylie's 1st Hosted Playdate

Last Thursday, Rylie went shopping with her friend Kendall (well, mostly me & Kendall's mommy Becca shopped lol) so that afternoon instead of a walk we asked Kendall to come over & play. They had a good time! I'm glad Becca took some pictures because I completely forgot to! Poor Rylie didn't feel good after playing though & had a little fever so she slept with Mommy & Daddy that night. On Friday the fever was gone though.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr Visit

I took Rylie to her 12 month checkup today. Everything is great! Here are her stats now:
*weight 19.5 lbs-20 percentile
*height 29 1/2 in-70 percentile
*head 45 3/4-70 percentile
She even stood on the big girl scale all by herself! The dr said her weight is a little low so we have to wait about a month to turn her carseat around. Rylie gets to eat about anything now! Just no peanuts or shell fish. We're starting eggs tomorrow! She said she needs to eat more fatty, high protein foods to keep her weight from going down anymore. She's just so mobile right now it's hard to get her to gain any. The dr did say Rylie is doing great with verbal communication though! Also, she's getting her molars in-yikes!
Then she got some shots. She was sooo good though & didn't even cry until after the 2nd one went in! We only got 3 shots today because we're going back in a month to get the other flu shot & they'll give us the rest then. She stopped crying as soon as the nurse left the room. lol Then they gave her a sticker that she was just mesmerized by all the way home.
Here's her dr visit pictures (yes, I'm one of those moms! lol)

Playing in the waiting rm in her cute Halloween outfit!
(Bow made by friend Becca, Kendall's Mommy!)


Her boo boo's after shots =(

Loves that sticker!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Walking Gang!

Rylie, Kendall, Jaiden

Today both of Rylie's walking friends joined us for a shorter than usual trip around our section of the subdivision. It was awesome though all 3 kiddos having a ball in their strollers/car. They were all very well-behaved too, even when a doggie came up & scared them. Rylie & I have been trying to get out & walk after her nap & snack about 2-3 times a week. We're increasing that number though gradually as it gets colder outside. It sure is enjoyable, especially with friends joining you!

Afternoon Bow Making

While Rylie napped today I thought I'd tackle making some more bows. I've decided that I refuse to spend any more $$ buying her bows!! So a friend of mine gave me some tips on how she does hers & I got to it today. I've really improved from the first ones I made Rylie! I made 3 today to match some of her Fall clothes. Here's my successes....

This bow still needs the apple button attached in the middle to match the apples on the straps.

While I was at crafting today, I also made my first bow holder!! It's not for Rylie though. We gave it to her friend Kendall today. I think it came out great as well! These things are way overpriced in stores & soooo cheap & easy to make!

(Rhinestones applied by hand, but sign was already painted pink)

Today's Kindermusik

I had to take lots of pictures today of Rylie at Kindermusik in her adorable outfit-a birthday gift she received from her friend Kendall (also music class member). I also got 2 videos! =)

Making a new friend!

Riding in the basket with Jaiden

She loves these Kindermusik balls!

Rylie & Kendall riding together

Oops! I forgot to mention....

The night of Rylie's birthday, after her bath, we did her hand imprints in this clay "make your hand prints kit gift". I forgot to mention it because I didn't have pictures of it yet! But this really was an awesome gift-another way to capture memories of her special 1st birthday! Here are her hands at exactly 1 year old!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday was Rylie's actual birthday & we had a special day all planned for her! First, David & I woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday." Then she ate a yummy breakfast-her favorite pancakes & banana. Then we took her 12 month pictures before getting her dressed in her cute birthday outfit.
We then let her open her special gift from Mommy & Daddy (a porcelein baby girl holding a #1) along with her birthday card which we both wrote sweet messages to her on.

Then we took more pictures outside as the moonwalk people came to pick it up.

Then we took Rylie to Babies R Us where she got a birthday crown to wear & a balloon!

Then, the loooong awaited trip had finally come! We took Rylie to Build-A-Bear! We'd been planning that since right after we found out we were having a girl last summer! Seriously, this has been long-awaited! lol It was very surreal that it was finally here. Rylie had so much fun at Build-A-Bear!

Picking out skin of bear she wants

Picking out sound box for bear-she picked "Happy Birthday!"

Stepping on pedal for machine to stuff her bear

Her bear being stuffed

Testing out the stuffing to make sure it's enough

Her bear getting a "bath"

Picking out clothes & accessories

Making the birth certificate

Her bear's done!

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart real quick on the way home where Rylie decided she was all tuckered out.
So we went home & put her down for a nap, which she only ended up playing in her crib for an hour (come on, 1 year olds dont need a nap anymore! lol) while I got the rest of the party stuff cleaned up & her presents put away.
Then Mimi & Uncle Daniel joined us for a nice birthday dinner for Rylie, cooked by David! Afterwards, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Rylie again & she got to finish her little cake!