Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We survived Ike! Part III

Well, we were supposed to be getting our power back on tomorrow, but yesterday afternoon Centerpoint Energy announced we wouldn't get it back until this coming Sunday. Bummer! Today, they dont have any information on power returning, so we're still assuming it's coming Sunday at the latest.
We've been without power for almost 2 weeks now. We've had to completely change our living routine, sacrificed lots of amenities, and worked harder to get the things we need for every day life and instead of complaining about it all, we are just SO THANKFUL for what all we do still have. There were so many people who lost everything. And we came out so lucky with no home damage & having bought a generator before the storm to still run our refrigerator & window a/c in our bedroom at night. We have nothing we should be complaining about. We're also so blessed to have the wonderful neighbors we have been getting together with almost every night, sharing food, homes, lights, batteries, gas, chairs, toys for the kids, etc. THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING WE HAVE!!!! It doesn't take a national holiday with turkey on the table for one to look at everything they have & take a moment to be thankful. I hope everyone else is thankful for all they have too!

Notes to self for next hurricane:
-Make lots of banana bread, muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc to eat for breakfasts during power outtages. We stocked up on cereal, but then we ran outta milk & had to wait for stores to reopen to get more.
-Stock up on Cokes or other caffeinated sodas. When we lose power, it's too hot to drink coffee (and can only be made if you have a generator to hook up the maker to). Cold sodas really hit the spot!
-Buy more large flashlights. We only had 1 large & couple small.
-Get all the laundry finished before the storm, Ashlee! lol I didn't finish washing towels & that really came back to bite me in the behind!
-Magazines were really awesome to have handy & read during boring days while Rylie naps & we have no power.
-Stock up on foods that can be cooked completely in microwave (we unplug fridge & hook up microwave to make lunches & some dinners when a grill's not available to cook on)

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