Monday, September 22, 2008

We survived Ike! Part II

Well, in case I forgot to mention in the mile-long post before about Ike, we got home phone, internet, & cable tv back last Friday afternoon. So David rigged up our cable box & that' s how I'm able to get online now.
We STILL dont have power. They're now saying it wont be back on until this Thursday. That'll be almost 2 weeks from when Ike hit us. :-/ Rylie & I have been sweating all day! It's getting hot again down here. There are still many stores & restaurants closed. Rylie's music class was cancelled last week & this week because the studio still doesn't have power either. The only bright side is we've still got our rented movie from Hollywood Video because they dont have power yet either & they're waiving all late fees, so we get to keep watching it for free!
That's about the latest with us. We're still just hanging out with neighbors, eating dinner together. David's completely back on full schedule at work again & we're just waiting! Pray we get power back soon!

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