Friday, September 5, 2008

Rylie's 1st Sickness :(

Well, the night of our lunch date, Rylie was not sleeping at all! She was up every 2 hours or so just crying & crying. I thought it was just gas so I gave her Mylicon. Didn't help. She wasn't pulling on her ears or anything. The next morning (yesterday), I put Rylie in bed with me because we were both so tired from being up all night. She finally napped for 30 minutes and seemed to feel a little better. She even drank her bottle then. So I gave her some breakfast, but she would barely eat any. Then I was changing her diaper and putting fresh pj's on her when I noticed how burning up she felt. I took her temp-102!!!! I immediately called her pediatrician and they told me to bring her in. She checked her ears-nothing...checked her throat-nothing. Finally they had to take some blood from her-something she was NOT happy about! The results came back that she has a very bad virus that will last 3-4 days and all we can give her is infant Tylenol. We got home yesterday from the doctor and I gave Rylie some medicine. I put her in bed next to me hoping we'd both get some sleep. She tossed and turned for about an hour sleeping and woke up. I didn't get any sleep. I tried feeding her again and she seemed better-ate 2 jars of baby food fruits and drank most of her formula. Then she seemed to want to play, so I put her down with her toys in the living room while I napped a little on the couch. When I woke up, Rylie was laying with her toys half asleep. I held her for a little while before David came home and took over. I went and napped for about 2 hours-much needed while he tried giving her dinner. She barely ate anything again, but did finish her bottle. He gave her more medicine and put her in bed. She napped a good hour and woke up just as I was waking up too. So we sat on the couch under blankets for awhile. Rylie drank another bottle and finally went to bed for good. She did get up a few times during the night, but mostly slept. She's still sleeping now and when I checked on her a little bit ago, she was out cold-snoring too! Hopefully today will be better for her. It's the most heartbreaking thing to see your little baby sick and miserable and not be able to do much to help her. Pray that she gets better soon!

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