Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rylie Update

She has gotten so much better! Friday she took extra long naps & seemed to have her appetite back. She even played more & crawled a lot more. Hats off to "Mimi" though (Dave's mom) who came over Friday night to watch Rylie while David was helping his Dad out so I could clean the house & get all the laundry done. What a lifesaver!
Rylie just now has a stuffy nose & small cough, but no more fever. Seems her virus (which was not bacterial) has turned into more of a cold now. Hopefully she'll be all well in a couple of days. =)

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Too Cute said...

Awww,I love that shirt. It's too cute!! Kendall needs to get one. Her Daddy would love it.

I'm glad Riley's feeling better. She looks adorable in her cool shades!!