Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Firsts

It was so great having David home an extra day yesterday for Labor Day! We didn't do anything special. David just had more "Rylie time" while I got some more "me time" to work on scrapbooks & do grocery shopping. Rylie started making her "T" sounds yesterday too! She kept going "Ta....ta" all day. She also drank all her juice from her sippy cup during snack time-another first! Previously, she would only take sips & then push it away, never finishing her juice. Today, she again drank all her juice during snack in her sippy and then at dinner drank all her formula from her sippy for the first time. I think we're finally officially on sippy cups now! The kind we're using are with a really soft spout, so it's not all that different from her bottle, but it's helping her transition! That's about all the news in our house for now!

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