Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Update

We woke up this morning to gray skies & some winds. It actually felt good outside & from the pictures below, you can see Rylie played in the grass a little bit. Then it sprinkled a tad, so we came inside. Didn't last long though.
We have gotten a few calls from people asking if we're still gonna ride it out. We are. Thank you everyone who's called to offer us a stay with them if we do decide to evacuate! We will be taping up our windows later today. We filled up our cars with gas this morning when there was no line. We ended up going out to eat for lunch to save the food we have at home for when we'll be kinda locked up tomorrow. We saw quite a few houses in our neighborhood with boarded up windows. Most of the stores are already closed & gas stations are already outta gas now. We did find a Mexican Restaurant open & ate there right before they closed up. Even Wal-Mart's already closed! It's almost starting to look like a ghost town. We gathered everything from our yard & locked up in the garage-even the For Sale sign on the house across the street. Didn't want that blowing into someone's window!
It's still very very cloudy here, but no more rain so far. Still getting more windy as the time goes on too. Hopefully everybody will stay safe throughout this.
Dont forget to thank the National Guard if you see any of them! They're doing a lot to help the people in harm's way out here!
Here's a picture of the weather radar yesterday evening....

Scroll down & compare this picture to yesterday morning's radar. The hurricane has moved closer to us, but looks to be weakening. Then here's today's weather radar....

Again, it looks to have weakened more & now shifted back down a little bit. The pink dot is still round-about where we're at.
Like I said before, I'll keep putting updates on here as long as we have power. Tonight's gonna get real ugly & we're putting Rylie in our room with us downstairs to sleep. Pray that everybody stays safe!!!!

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The Pifer's said...

Hey girl, just checking on you to see how things are...hope everything is going ok!

P.S. I can look at your blog now from home, YEAAA!!! :o)