Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Family Completed

We were able to get gas for our cars much easier starting on Thursday, so on Saturday we drove up to Waco & met with a bunch of people at the airport to welcome our friends Vince & Mary Erickson as they arrived home with THEIR DAUGHTER!!!
It truly was the most amazing thing! They're parents now! Their daughter, Malia Faith is 19 months old & the size of Rylie (11 months old). She's so cute too & quiet & beautiful & just fits completely with her new parents. Our friends were very surprised to see us & happy for all their friends being there. Of course there were tears shed!
Here's the amazing pictures! (Video coming soon-still no power so no editing sytem)
We're so excited for you guys!!!

Here she is! Malia Faith Erickson!

David almost got a smile from her!

Malia already has friends!

The new Erickson family!

The entire "welcoming committee"

"Malia, you can come play at my house! I'll share my toys with you!" -Rylie

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