Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Birthday Party!

Another neighbor boy turned 3! Rylie was pretty tired, but we already RSVP'd & the party was on our way home from Dave's mom's house, so we stopped by to drop off our gift. As soon as we arrived though & Rylie saw all her neighborhood friends, she was ecstatic! She was laughing, bouncing up & down, and smiling the whole time. The party was at a big inflatable fun house. Rylie was still too little to do a lot there, but she got in one of the inflatable rooms with Daddy & I took some pictures. The birthday boy as in a bigger kid one though so I couldn't get any pictures of him unless I wanted to be tackled by a bunch of rough & tumble boys! lol It was a really fun party though, the short time we stayed. Missed out on cake, but that's ok! We've had plenty this weekend already!

Rylie & Daddy getting into the bounce house

She was laughing & kicking her legs

Bouncing up & down with Raegan

At the top of the slide (it was seriously like 4 ft tall tho)

HAHA Rylie & David going down the slide. This picture makes this slide look like a monster, but it was really small!

All the younger kiddos on the block!

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