Monday, August 11, 2008

Waco Visit!

Saturday, the 3 of us loaded up our car & drove to Waco to spend the day. Rylie's cousin Isaac had his 3rd birthday party in the morning & that was so much fun! Rylie got to see her cousin, aunt, grandma, grandpa & several other relatives she hadn't seen in quite awhile so that was great too.
Then we joined our friends, Vince & Mary for lunch. It was really awesome seeing them again as well! Rylie missed her friends, as did David & I. They also get their little angel next month! =)
Next, the 3 of us kinda hit some shops we have missed in Waco that aren't in Houston-ya know the little individually-owned places. We didn't buy hardly anything though.
Then, we headed home.

Isaac hugging Rylie when she arrived

Isaac & his mom

Isaac riding carousel with his mom

Rylie riding carousel with dad

Rylie riding helicopter ride

Isaac blowing out his candle

Rylie sneaking ice cream from grandpa

"Bye, Isaac! I love you!" -Rylie

Lunch with Vince & Mary

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