Thursday, August 7, 2008

Treasured Moments

Last night, Rylie was not wanting to go to sleep! She just didn't want to miss anything & only wanted to be with Mommy & Daddy as we were watching a show in the living room. So I held her for a little bit & she was very content & relaxed-just wanted to be held really. Soon she fell asleep in my arms & I was soooo touched! She hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since she was tiny! Since she was sleeping, I took that opportunity to hold her like a baby, another thing I haven't been able to do since she was tiny! Ahh I miss her being so little! She's getting soooo big sooo fast! David took this sweet picture of us that I will forever treasure (even though I look fat!) haha

Look at the difference from this picture of her & I, taken when she was just 4 days old!

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