Friday, August 15, 2008

New Play Area!

Rylie has been everywhere lately! She really couldn't move around in her pack 'n play we had set up in the living room, so we got these new gates at Toys R Us last night! They are awesome! It gives her a much bigger play area in the living room, instead of having to get like 20 gates for around our house, this is easier for now. It also opens easily so we can sit right with her & they fold up to travel with as well. We're also going to get the extension pack to make it a little bigger AND it'll be great for Christmas this year to put around the tree & all the presents so our little one won't be pulling ornaments off the tree! =) So anyways, here's Rylie's pictures playing in it today for the first time!

She always wants to stand now! She'll be walking in no time!

Oooo! Toys!

Her new toy we got her because she's been getting bored lately with her "baby" toys
Hopefully this will hold her over till her first birthday!

This toy's more her age level now & promotes her learning to stand =)

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