Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Carseat....FINALLY!

Well this has been kinda frustrating! We had seen this pretty hot pink girly carseat at Target for forever that we'd always said we'd get Rylie when she got big enough. Of course, when she does get big enough they discontinue it! They've replaced it with this really ugly faded brown one for the girls and every other carseat out there under $300 is for boys. Ugh! So finally we found a pretty purple one with flowers at Wal Mart for $50-bought it & went to install it only to find it was missing a strap. So we had to return it & then Wal Mart didn't have any more in stock. Tired of hassling with all of this getting her a new carseat to fit in as she's quickly out growing her old one, we finally found one at Target last night-a really simple yet stylish black one for $50-GREAT! We absolutely love it! It matches the inside of my car too! Today Rylie rode in it for the first time & seems to love it as well!
PS-those carseat covers everybody told me to get were all at least $100! plus I'd still have to buy the actual new carseat to put it on, so it wasn't worth hassling with!

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