Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Heeeeeere!

It started raining hard with very heavy winds early this morning. The hurricane was supposed to hit Galveston directly, but it ended up moving north-east a little and will now hit us directly. Supposedly it's going to get bad in about an hour-1pm. We might experience some power outtages, so David bought a generator last night & if we don't use it, we can take it back! We've also got some flashlights too. David is home from work today because his job is to drive all over Houston meeting with churches and #1-churches are closed today and #2-they're advising people to not get out in this weather because some roads have lots of water on them & they're very slick. David and I both know a girl who almost died in a very bad car accident from just driving in the rain & hitting a slick spot, so we're not "panicking" or anything. We are just extra cautious now with Rylie, so we're just staying put in our home today. I'll try to get some good weather pictures too in the meantime. If anything worsens, I'll update ya!

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