Friday, August 22, 2008

Gymboree Visit

Well, Rylie & I visited a Gymboree class to see how we'd like it. It's quite a drive to get there first off. We only chose this location (which is the closest) because it's right by Dave's mom's work & on Fridays this summer she gets off early so I thought we could do this class then meet up with her. Well, I thought this would work. It's really the worst time to attend the class-right in the middle of Rylie's lunch/nap time. So she wasn't really as involved in it today. And...we just didn't feel welcome there really. I mean, the Gymboree workers were nice, but the other moms were pretty snooty. This location's a very high-end part of town & none of the moms talked to Rylie & me. Other than to tell me in a very snooty way that I was supposed to be wearing socks-no barefeet-on the mat (which I didn't know because it was our first visit). So I had to buy a nifty pair of socks from Gymboree. I tried talking to other moms & kids-I'd say hi to the kids as they crawled/walked over to us & the moms just picked their kids up & walked away. So Rylie & I just ended up playing alone. She did seem to have some fun at least, but we won't be joining this class as planned. It's not Gymboree I'm disappointed with-it's just that location (which is NOT easy to get to, I might add). It's more the people at that location that I'm just not liking. So if anyone you know is looking into this-advice them to do the free visit they offer first before signing up & paying all that money!

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