Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Kindermusik Class So Far

Rylie-"Wanna cha-cha with me?"

Rylie's teacher just sent me the pictures from Tuesday's class so I wanted to take this time to elaborate more on this past class since I have pictures to go with it! This was the smallest class yet, only 4 kiddos showed up Tuesday (including Rylie's boyfriend Jaiden from across the street.) So her teacher took more pictures than usual. Those kids were soooo adorable! They all laughed at each other the entire time (except when I told Rylie "NO!" when she wanted to poke her friend in the eye & she cries when she hears the word "No" now. But she didn't mean to. She was just excited to see her friend!) ANYWAYS, here are the cute cute cute pictures of the kiddos playing! (By the way, this class was about "going to the water" in pool, lake, beach, etc.)

Banging on the drum

Riding on a parachute!

Having a ball.

Riding in basket with Jaiden!

Rylie & I dancing with Jaiden

Picking out their toys for the next part

She picked a fish!

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