Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahh Galveston!

We decided since we were already closer to there, our little family would spend the day in Galveston Saturday. It was a really nice, quick get-away! We ate at a pretty cool restaurant called Fisherman's Warf that's right in the bay next to where people dock on cruises. Anyways, here's a story for the blog! So we paid the bill & were getting ready to leave when this waiter walked by with a tray of dishes from another table & dropped a little bowl of tarter sauce on the floor, right next to us, splashing tarter sauce ALL OVER RYLIE & ME. It was on her leg, all over her stroller she was sitting in, all over my shirt, IN MY HAIR! Ugh-I could smell it already :( The waiter was so apologetic though & I felt bad for him that he felt so bad. He rushed away to get club soda-fearful he'd ruined my $9 shirt from Old Navy. haha I assured him it was fine & cleaned everything up. David even helped him clean the rest of it up as I walked Rylie out.
Anyways, after that debacle we walked along the strand, stopping in various stores shopping for various things. It was quite hot & I had to constantly give Rylie water (1st time to drink from a straw, I might add!). Once we were exhausted from that, we drove down to the beach area-deciding not to walk out there afterall, we just drove around & took random pictures before heading back late afternoon.
It was very nice getting away for just a little while & not having to worry about anything-just getting to enjoy each other. Very well time spent!

Restaurant we ate at

Rylie & I at restaurant waiting for our table

Quick pic of the beach as we drove by

Apparently the cool thing down there is putting giant metal sea-animal-shapes on buildings

Cool looking hotel on the beach

Very pretty hotel on the beach!

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