Friday, August 29, 2008

Pretty Hair

I'm so excited Rylie's hair is getting long & I can put it up like this. Really can't wait for pigtails too! =)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost Standing

Rylie is really trying hard to stand on her own. That newest toy we got her in the previous pics (the little table one) has really helped her on this! She's always standing next to that thing & dancing & then she gets steady....lets go with both hands....kinda wobbles & grabs back on. But so far she's stood on her own for 5 seconds. lol I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's a pretty big improvement from before when she would fall as soon as she let go. I'm going to wait until she's standing at least 10 seconds to put it in her baby book, but that won't be long from now! =)
(No pictures yet because of course I never have the camera ready when she does it!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Backyard Fun

We bought Rylie this little backyard inflatable pool almost 2 weeks ago & then it rained everyday. It finally cleared up this past weekend & Rylie got to try it out. It's nice having this to use on Mondays when our community pool is closed & also for when we dont want big kids splashing her in the big pool. She can just sit in here & play with her own toys. We got this on clearance at Wal-Mart-less than $10 too!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gymboree Visit

Well, Rylie & I visited a Gymboree class to see how we'd like it. It's quite a drive to get there first off. We only chose this location (which is the closest) because it's right by Dave's mom's work & on Fridays this summer she gets off early so I thought we could do this class then meet up with her. Well, I thought this would work. It's really the worst time to attend the class-right in the middle of Rylie's lunch/nap time. So she wasn't really as involved in it today. And...we just didn't feel welcome there really. I mean, the Gymboree workers were nice, but the other moms were pretty snooty. This location's a very high-end part of town & none of the moms talked to Rylie & me. Other than to tell me in a very snooty way that I was supposed to be wearing socks-no barefeet-on the mat (which I didn't know because it was our first visit). So I had to buy a nifty pair of socks from Gymboree. I tried talking to other moms & kids-I'd say hi to the kids as they crawled/walked over to us & the moms just picked their kids up & walked away. So Rylie & I just ended up playing alone. She did seem to have some fun at least, but we won't be joining this class as planned. It's not Gymboree I'm disappointed with-it's just that location (which is NOT easy to get to, I might add). It's more the people at that location that I'm just not liking. So if anyone you know is looking into this-advice them to do the free visit they offer first before signing up & paying all that money!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Kindermusik Class So Far

Rylie-"Wanna cha-cha with me?"

Rylie's teacher just sent me the pictures from Tuesday's class so I wanted to take this time to elaborate more on this past class since I have pictures to go with it! This was the smallest class yet, only 4 kiddos showed up Tuesday (including Rylie's boyfriend Jaiden from across the street.) So her teacher took more pictures than usual. Those kids were soooo adorable! They all laughed at each other the entire time (except when I told Rylie "NO!" when she wanted to poke her friend in the eye & she cries when she hears the word "No" now. But she didn't mean to. She was just excited to see her friend!) ANYWAYS, here are the cute cute cute pictures of the kiddos playing! (By the way, this class was about "going to the water" in pool, lake, beach, etc.)

Banging on the drum

Riding on a parachute!

Having a ball.

Riding in basket with Jaiden!

Rylie & I dancing with Jaiden

Picking out their toys for the next part

She picked a fish!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neighbor Playdate

Rylie was invited to another playdate today at our neighbor's house & had a ball! She was kinda tired tho because we had a late nap & it wasn't as long as she usually has. Still fun & made for cute pictures of her & her boyfriend (he's seriously such a flirt! hehe)

"Are you guys watching us?!"

Rylie-"Whatcha got in here, Jaiden?"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 Months Old!!

Gettin into double digits now! Ahhh can't believe her 1st birthday is only 2 months away now. It's coming too fast! :( She is growing so much everyday & seems she's learning something new every time we turn around. Since her 9 month blog, she is full-force crawling, pulling up to standing (I know you saw the pics & already know that, I just write it so I remind myself she just learned that this past month), she does give high-fives again, she can play peek-a-boo with a blanket & did it last night with her hands for the first time, she is starting to cruise but only takes 1 or 2 steps, and she's trying to say more words. Doesn't make much sense now, but there's more combination sounds. Here's my big girl's 10 month old picture

We also had another Kindermusik class today & I took a picture of Rylie with her teacher so we can make her a thank you card with that picture to give her next week. It'll be our last summer class! :( We did register her for this Fall though because Rylie enjoys it so much. I seriously recommend this for anyone who has a class near them & is looking for something to do. It's one day a week for 45 min. I'm really glad our neighbor told me about this or I would've never heard of it! Anyways, her teacher will send me pictures this Friday from class today & I'll upload them then!

More Kindermusik!

Here are last Tuesday's pictures....finally! I couldn't get the email to open before, so I'm barely posting these now, but last Tuesday was an awesome class because there were lots more kids! Rylie was really interacting with her new friends & the teacher took some adorable pictures!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Swim

Yesterday we visited a church in downtown Houston where the preacher who married David & I is currently at. Hopefully this will be our new weekly church we attend. I miss our old Sunday School class :(
After lunch & Rylie's nap, we decided to have some relaxing time at the pool. It was a pretty day, actually almost too cool to swim but it was still packed! Here's some cute pics of Rylie at the pool....

She was just laying back relaxing in the water!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Play Area!

Rylie has been everywhere lately! She really couldn't move around in her pack 'n play we had set up in the living room, so we got these new gates at Toys R Us last night! They are awesome! It gives her a much bigger play area in the living room, instead of having to get like 20 gates for around our house, this is easier for now. It also opens easily so we can sit right with her & they fold up to travel with as well. We're also going to get the extension pack to make it a little bigger AND it'll be great for Christmas this year to put around the tree & all the presents so our little one won't be pulling ornaments off the tree! =) So anyways, here's Rylie's pictures playing in it today for the first time!

She always wants to stand now! She'll be walking in no time!

Oooo! Toys!

Her new toy we got her because she's been getting bored lately with her "baby" toys
Hopefully this will hold her over till her first birthday!

This toy's more her age level now & promotes her learning to stand =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Erin's Visit!

Today Erin visited Rylie & I for the 1st time in our Houston home! David was at work the whole time. She got to stay with us for a few hours before visiting more friends in the area. It was great to have some company & someone to "scrapbook" talk with! haha Hope to see ya again soon, Erin! We enjoyed having you!

New Carseat....FINALLY!

Well this has been kinda frustrating! We had seen this pretty hot pink girly carseat at Target for forever that we'd always said we'd get Rylie when she got big enough. Of course, when she does get big enough they discontinue it! They've replaced it with this really ugly faded brown one for the girls and every other carseat out there under $300 is for boys. Ugh! So finally we found a pretty purple one with flowers at Wal Mart for $50-bought it & went to install it only to find it was missing a strap. So we had to return it & then Wal Mart didn't have any more in stock. Tired of hassling with all of this getting her a new carseat to fit in as she's quickly out growing her old one, we finally found one at Target last night-a really simple yet stylish black one for $50-GREAT! We absolutely love it! It matches the inside of my car too! Today Rylie rode in it for the first time & seems to love it as well!
PS-those carseat covers everybody told me to get were all at least $100! plus I'd still have to buy the actual new carseat to put it on, so it wasn't worth hassling with!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Waco Visit!

Saturday, the 3 of us loaded up our car & drove to Waco to spend the day. Rylie's cousin Isaac had his 3rd birthday party in the morning & that was so much fun! Rylie got to see her cousin, aunt, grandma, grandpa & several other relatives she hadn't seen in quite awhile so that was great too.
Then we joined our friends, Vince & Mary for lunch. It was really awesome seeing them again as well! Rylie missed her friends, as did David & I. They also get their little angel next month! =)
Next, the 3 of us kinda hit some shops we have missed in Waco that aren't in Houston-ya know the little individually-owned places. We didn't buy hardly anything though.
Then, we headed home.

Isaac hugging Rylie when she arrived

Isaac & his mom

Isaac riding carousel with his mom

Rylie riding carousel with dad

Rylie riding helicopter ride

Isaac blowing out his candle

Rylie sneaking ice cream from grandpa

"Bye, Isaac! I love you!" -Rylie

Lunch with Vince & Mary

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some Family Time

David and I took his mom out for her very late birthday dinner tonight (she was outta town on her actual birthday). Afterwards, we hung out at our house for a little while so Rylie could get more "Mimi" time and we took these lovely pictures!