Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rylie's 1st Independence Day!

Hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday! We didn't do much-just went to Dave's dad's lakehouse on Lake Livingston (about an hour away from our house) and hung out there Thursday night. On Friday morning, we went swimming at the community pool there, ate lunch, let Rylie nap, then made dinner and had apple pie! We headed home after that and saw lots of fireworks on the way back that other people were setting off. Rylie was just too little to out on the boat this year and didn't have a lifejacket, so we stayed close to home. We had lots of fun though! Just want to take some time and say thanks to all the troops out there for giving us our freedom! This is AMERICA-LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! That's what this holiday was all about and we're soooo proud to be American! Here's some pictures now of our holiday. (More are in Rylie's 6-12 mo photo album-link on the left)

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