Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was Rylie's 1st music class! We enrolled her in Kindermusik that is a 5 week long class, meeting once a week. Today we had class about "Going to the grocery store" and we learned songs I can sing to Rylie at the grocery store & we did dances & she met lots of new friends. She had a blast there! I cannot wait for next week's class! Since I didn't wanna be one of "those moms" taking pictures during the class of everything, I just took some picture of Rylie all dressed before going & it sure is a task taking pictures of her now! She can't sit still to save her life. The teacher though did take some pictures of the class & she's going to send them tomorrow or Thursday but here's mine.

If you're interested in Kindermusik classes for your kids, they have all ages & you can visit www.kindermusik.com for locations & more information.


Listening to the teacher like a good girl!

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