Wednesday, July 30, 2008

her own style

Rylie has her unique way of crawling & I love it! Now I usually brush her teeth & get her dressed right after breakfast, but today we had some playtime first. She saw her shadow on our living room floor & thought it was the funniest thing, so she kept crawling to it until it disappeared. Here's the pictures I captured of it....

See how she keeps her right leg bent under her & drags it along while her left leg stays straight & pushes herself off with it? I think it's cute! Once she reached the end where her shadow kinda disappeared, she did a little dance by bouncing up & down.

THEN, I enticed her with her toys to crawl back to Mommy on the other side of the living room.

She was heading back, but decided to make a stop first at the couch.

After she "tagged" the couch, she did a roll towards me & her toys.

She then crawled the rest of the way to me.

YAY!!! She made it!!

Hope you enjoyed Rylie's crawling adventure for today!

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