Sunday, July 20, 2008

9 Months!!

I can't believe my baby is so big already! It's definitely true what they say-the second 9 months goes by faster than the 1st! lol It just breaks my heart how much she acts like a "big girl" now & not a baby anymore.

Here's some new things Rylie can do now:
*Beginning to crawl & can get to toys/people she wants
*Gets from laying down to sitting up on her own
*Eats 2-3 meals of solid foods (2nd & 3rd level) including fruits, veggies, oatmeal, and finger food crackers. We tried baby food chicken, her 1st meat last tonight & she hated it!
*Gets her teeth brushed every morning & night with a big girl toothbrush.
*Had started on sippy cups awhile back, then hated them for a long time, and now we've found the kind she really likes so we're moving towards them more.
*Can pull herself up to standing when in someone's lap.
*Can hold herself up at standing position when holding onto something like the coffee table (had started this around 5mos & is doing it more steady now).
*Says "Mama", "Dada", and "Baba".
*Repeats us when we say those things to her & tries to mimic us when we say other words to her.
*Says "Baba" when she wants her bottle or when we tell her to say "Bye bye".
*Waves to other people after we show her to do it.
*LOVES to go swimming & is learning to kick her legs to swim over to Mommy or Daddy when she's in her floaty.
*Is now fighting nap & bedtime. She clings to us when we start to lower her in her bed & usually kicks & cries for a little while before passing out but she still sleeps through the night.
*We've just moved to Pampers CRUISERS diapers now!
*She feeds herself crackers.
*She dances when she hears music.
*She'll mimic us when we tilt our head to the side back & forth.
*She LOVES talking on the phone!
*She has also stopped giving hugs & "sugars" I sure miss those.

So we visit the doctor again on July 31 & we'll have updated weight/height information then & any other updates with little Rylieroo!

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