Thursday, July 31, 2008

9 Month Checkup

(Yes, ANOTHER Astros shirt-they're cheap at Wal-Mart here!)

I took Rylie to her doctor today for normal checkup. We had to go 2 weeks after she actually turned 9 months old because after we moved here & found a new pediatrician, it was kinda late & this was the earliest we could get in. So everything looks great with her-no growth at all since her 8 1/2 month visit with the eczema stuff. She's still 27 1/2 in & 18 lbs-all 50th percentile which is perfect for her birth weight. She can move up to a big-girl carseat (which we haven't gotten yet because they're all for boys!), but still has to remain rear-facing until 12 months old, even if she reaches 20 lbs before then (which she will). She will start seeing a pediatric dentist at 15 months unless there's a problem before then. We will now be feeding her more "table" foods. We tried her on 3rd stage foods & baby food meat, which she hated both. So we're staying on 2nd stage foods, but also adding some deli meat & shredded cheese for her to self-feed, her doctor recommended. Then as she gets used to that, we'll start substituting baby fruits & veggies for actual cut up ones. I promised her there would be no shots today, but they did take some blood from her finger to check for anemia . Anyways, after her appointment this morning, we drove into Kingwood since we were halfway there already & checked out another baby/children store. Then we had a girls lunch at Pei Wei (YUMMM!!!) and got home just in time for little Roo's nap =) Here's a picture of her finger "boo boo" from the blood drawn. I've since taken off the bandage while she naps because she kept playing with it this morning & that's why the gauze is pulled out so much.

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