Thursday, July 31, 2008

9 Month Checkup

(Yes, ANOTHER Astros shirt-they're cheap at Wal-Mart here!)

I took Rylie to her doctor today for normal checkup. We had to go 2 weeks after she actually turned 9 months old because after we moved here & found a new pediatrician, it was kinda late & this was the earliest we could get in. So everything looks great with her-no growth at all since her 8 1/2 month visit with the eczema stuff. She's still 27 1/2 in & 18 lbs-all 50th percentile which is perfect for her birth weight. She can move up to a big-girl carseat (which we haven't gotten yet because they're all for boys!), but still has to remain rear-facing until 12 months old, even if she reaches 20 lbs before then (which she will). She will start seeing a pediatric dentist at 15 months unless there's a problem before then. We will now be feeding her more "table" foods. We tried her on 3rd stage foods & baby food meat, which she hated both. So we're staying on 2nd stage foods, but also adding some deli meat & shredded cheese for her to self-feed, her doctor recommended. Then as she gets used to that, we'll start substituting baby fruits & veggies for actual cut up ones. I promised her there would be no shots today, but they did take some blood from her finger to check for anemia . Anyways, after her appointment this morning, we drove into Kingwood since we were halfway there already & checked out another baby/children store. Then we had a girls lunch at Pei Wei (YUMMM!!!) and got home just in time for little Roo's nap =) Here's a picture of her finger "boo boo" from the blood drawn. I've since taken off the bandage while she naps because she kept playing with it this morning & that's why the gauze is pulled out so much.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Hard Work!

Being a baby is really a job! I mean, Rylie explores & learns new things every day all day! She does so many exercises throughout the day as well. It's no wonder she falls asleep on her toys all the time! lol

She is just the most precious thing!

her own style

Rylie has her unique way of crawling & I love it! Now I usually brush her teeth & get her dressed right after breakfast, but today we had some playtime first. She saw her shadow on our living room floor & thought it was the funniest thing, so she kept crawling to it until it disappeared. Here's the pictures I captured of it....

See how she keeps her right leg bent under her & drags it along while her left leg stays straight & pushes herself off with it? I think it's cute! Once she reached the end where her shadow kinda disappeared, she did a little dance by bouncing up & down.

THEN, I enticed her with her toys to crawl back to Mommy on the other side of the living room.

She was heading back, but decided to make a stop first at the couch.

After she "tagged" the couch, she did a roll towards me & her toys.

She then crawled the rest of the way to me.

YAY!!! She made it!!

Hope you enjoyed Rylie's crawling adventure for today!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Housewarming & House Pics

We had our housewarming today (Sunday) & it was awesome! We had lots of Waco-KXXV friends who now live in Houston stop by & our awesome neighbors as well! It was a lot of fun just getting together with everyone & talking for awhile. Plus Rylie got to play with more friends!

Our KXXV group!

Some lovely neighbors

Rylie & miss Kelly

The kiddos playing!
And's finally some pictures of our new home!

formal dining room

guest bedroom

kitchen (fridge, sink & dishwasher is on the right side & didn't show up here)
living room

living room

master bath right side (after David painted it)

master bath left side

master bedroom

Rylie's playroom

Rylie's room!!

1st Big Girl Bath!!

Splish...splish splash!!
Miss Rylie's in the bath!

Happy Birthday neighbors!

Saturday, we took Rylie to our neighbors' house for their twins' 3rd birthday party. Rylie had so much fun playing with all the kiddos there! She got sooo tired though we had to leave early, but we really did enjoy it!

ALSO--congrats to my cousin, Adam & his new bride Wanda who got married Saturday in Ohio. AND, my friend Chelsea (pageant gal) who also got married to her prince on Saturday. Hope both weddings went very well & wish both couples many blessings!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Well well, another first!

I put Rylie down for her nap today & was downstairs folding clothes when I heard her burst into heavy tears-the kind that sounded like "I'm stuck" rather than her "I'm fighting sleep" cry. So I ran up the stairs to her room & found her STANDING in her bed, holding onto the side railing with this fearful look as if saying "I'm stuck & don't know how to get back down!" It was the last thing I expected to see! So I held her for awhile & calmed her down. Then she went back to her crib & took her nap. This was the first time she had pulled herself to standing. We've seen her trying with the coffee table, but today she did it! I really wish I'd been wearing a camera or something to capture her standing there, looking so much like a big girl & not my baby that she still is! Can you believe she'll be 1 in less than 3 months? :'(
P.S. I added more Kindermusik pictures to that blog posting below.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rylie's First Word!!

So tonight David was feeding Rylie her last meal in her highchair & she didn't seem to interested in finishing it so he was talking to her & we always try to say "Mama" & "Dada" & she mostly mimics us or at least tries to sometimes. Well, tonight she said "Dad-DY" for the first time! It was the CUTEST thing in the world! She was just lookin at him & kept saying "Daddy" over & over again. It almost made me cry, but I got the camera & captured this moment. She said "Mama" before she could make her "D" sounds, but this is officially her first real word!

Reading Already...

Rylie always plays in her pack 'n play when I have to step outta the living room to clean another room, or take a shower, or make something to eat, etc so I know she stays in one place & is safe. I came back to get her yesterday afternoon, & she was just lounging away "reading" her book of pictures of people who love her. It was too cute not to get a picture of! can kinda see her cute shoes that match her outfit here!

Daddy has style!

David picked out this outfit for Rylie at babyGap awhile back so I had to get pictures of her in it since he did such a good job! I forgot to get pictures of the matching shoes though :(

"Aren't I so cute?"

"You talkin to me?"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was Rylie's 1st music class! We enrolled her in Kindermusik that is a 5 week long class, meeting once a week. Today we had class about "Going to the grocery store" and we learned songs I can sing to Rylie at the grocery store & we did dances & she met lots of new friends. She had a blast there! I cannot wait for next week's class! Since I didn't wanna be one of "those moms" taking pictures during the class of everything, I just took some picture of Rylie all dressed before going & it sure is a task taking pictures of her now! She can't sit still to save her life. The teacher though did take some pictures of the class & she's going to send them tomorrow or Thursday but here's mine.

If you're interested in Kindermusik classes for your kids, they have all ages & you can visit for locations & more information.


Listening to the teacher like a good girl!