Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whew! What a week!

Well, we found out last-minute last weekend that David was going to have to attend a training for his new job in Oklahoma City allll last week. He was gone Mon-Fri & it sure was the longest week of mine & Rylie's life! We missed him so much! It did get pretty boring without him there. We found ways to occupy ourselves though.

On Monday, Rylie got a new toy to play with on her belly.

On Tuesday, we got new furniture delivered for our living room!

On Wednesday, we went to another town & did some shopping...Rylie lookin cute as ever! Her Mimi also came by & had dinner with us!

On Thursday, we went to our community pool for the 1st time! Rylie really enjoyed it!

On Friday, we cleaned house & boy was Rylie EXCITED to see David! I'd never seen her that happy before-it was really cute! She did this hiccup laugh of hers & kept bouncing up & down. David got a really happy welcome home! David said the best part of his trip was seeing the Oklahoma City memorial. He said it was just really beautiful at night!