Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Thought I'd Share...

WELL, here's a funny story that happened tonight that I thought I'd share on here to give everyone a laugh! So, earlier this evening I went outside to check our mail. One of our neighbors whom I hadn't met yet was walking her children in their stroller and I was saying hi & introducing myself as I pulled our mail out. We had a lot of letters & also had some of those newspaper ads....ya know, the shiny kind. Well, I just folded the newspaper ads over the letters and was talking to our neighbor & her ADORABLE 3mo old & 3yr old boys. Then I noticed a letter had fallen to the ground. It was my cousin's wedding invitation. (yes, Adam I'm sorry I dropped your invitation but it has arrived!) So I quickly picked it up because it was right next to a storm drain & I was afraid it would blow down in there. THEN I looked & saw 3 other letters had also fallen...INTO THE STORM DRAIN! YEAH! So here I am talking to a neighbor I had just met & being a dummy, dropping mail into a storm drain. I had to say a quick goodbye & then run to get David who was mowing in the backyard. He came to look at it with some kitchen tongs to see if he could reach them with those. For some who can't picture what a storm drain would look like, here's a picture of ours. (Yep! I took a picture of it for you all!)

See, it's directly under our mailbox & goes about 3ft or so deep to a flat surface & further down is a drain. So, the mail is down there, facing away from us & getting wetter by the minute. We can't see who it's from to just have them resend whatever & knowing our luck we figure it's our stimulus check (NO, we haven't gotten ours yet because we didn't sign up for direct deposit & it's gotta be forwarded from our Waco address now.) ANYWAYS, I now have to go to our other neighbor's a mess, no makeup on, raggedy clothes, holding kitchen tongs & asked them if they had something to get our mail out. He actually had 2 long crow-bar type things that David laid on his belly & reached in with to pick up our mail like chopsticks. Turns out one letter was junk, the other was for the previous residents, and the last was *ironically* our water bill. HAHA! So that was our adventure for the evening & my "great" first impression on our neighbors. Needless to say, I won't be the one checking the mail anymore!

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