Thursday, June 26, 2008


We entered Rylie in a photo contest this past weekend & we need all the votes we can get! All you have to do is email with #4 in the subject line. THAT'S IT! It takes just 10 seconds. Only one email per vote, so please vote from every address you have & tell all your friends! The winner gets a free photo session with the photographer hosting the contest. It ends Mon at 5pm, so please vote now! How could you resist this little smile??? THANKS in advance for all those wonderful people voting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Thought I'd Share...

WELL, here's a funny story that happened tonight that I thought I'd share on here to give everyone a laugh! So, earlier this evening I went outside to check our mail. One of our neighbors whom I hadn't met yet was walking her children in their stroller and I was saying hi & introducing myself as I pulled our mail out. We had a lot of letters & also had some of those newspaper ads....ya know, the shiny kind. Well, I just folded the newspaper ads over the letters and was talking to our neighbor & her ADORABLE 3mo old & 3yr old boys. Then I noticed a letter had fallen to the ground. It was my cousin's wedding invitation. (yes, Adam I'm sorry I dropped your invitation but it has arrived!) So I quickly picked it up because it was right next to a storm drain & I was afraid it would blow down in there. THEN I looked & saw 3 other letters had also fallen...INTO THE STORM DRAIN! YEAH! So here I am talking to a neighbor I had just met & being a dummy, dropping mail into a storm drain. I had to say a quick goodbye & then run to get David who was mowing in the backyard. He came to look at it with some kitchen tongs to see if he could reach them with those. For some who can't picture what a storm drain would look like, here's a picture of ours. (Yep! I took a picture of it for you all!)

See, it's directly under our mailbox & goes about 3ft or so deep to a flat surface & further down is a drain. So, the mail is down there, facing away from us & getting wetter by the minute. We can't see who it's from to just have them resend whatever & knowing our luck we figure it's our stimulus check (NO, we haven't gotten ours yet because we didn't sign up for direct deposit & it's gotta be forwarded from our Waco address now.) ANYWAYS, I now have to go to our other neighbor's a mess, no makeup on, raggedy clothes, holding kitchen tongs & asked them if they had something to get our mail out. He actually had 2 long crow-bar type things that David laid on his belly & reached in with to pick up our mail like chopsticks. Turns out one letter was junk, the other was for the previous residents, and the last was *ironically* our water bill. HAHA! So that was our adventure for the evening & my "great" first impression on our neighbors. Needless to say, I won't be the one checking the mail anymore!

More Allergies?

Not sure what Rylie's got but her arms & cheeks are really broken out today! Her ears are really red too. She didn't nap at all as long as she usually does & we heard her fussing a little at 4am this morning. Hopefully it'll clear up soon. We have NO IDEA what could've caused this! She's in a really crabby mood, most likely from her sore skin. Here's a picture I took on my camera phone today while we were sitting on the couch. You can kinda see her poor cheek where it's all red & bumpy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Future????

I came across this feature on Myspace the other day where you upload a picture of you and your spouse, celebrity, or crush & it'll develop a picture of what your child will look like. I uploaded a picture of David & I to see how "accurate" it was. Here's the result! Looks pretty close to Rylie cept I dont know about the red hair. Could be our next child in the far future maybe???

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cutest Lil Astros Fan!

Of course we found an Astros bow!! haha They had them at the game actually in a gift shop area, so I got Rylie one because she wasn't able to attend the game with us last time. Now she'll be even more ready to cheer them on at the next game we attend & get to take her with us!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

She's 8 Months Old Today!!

Now how can this be true? I mean, she was just born yesterday, I swear! Ahh but she is 8 months old today. And the time flew by in the blink of an eye, seriously!
Oh yeah, I bought this cute zebra shirt last summer right after I found out we were having a girl. I'm not really into animal prints, but since this one was pink I thought it'd be cute on her & I love it on her!

Well, here's what Rylie can do now:
*shakes her head "no" (check out the new video on our link to see it!)
*dances when she hears music
*constantly rolling from belly to back & vice versa
*pulls self up real good with hands when on belly
*does "baby crunches" where she tries real hard to get into sittin position while laying on her back
*can go from sitting up position to laying on her belly
*just started feeding herself recently
Not much else to report. We don't go to the doctor again until she's 9 months old, so no weight or height.
Here's some more pictures we took today outside our home.
Look how long her legs are now!

Funny Girl!

We were playing yesterday & she just decided to lay her head down on her dolly "Molly", put her thumb in her mouth, & go to sleep! lol
Then, after snack time Rylie decided to take her burp cloth out of my hand, put it on her head, and laugh at me! haha I HAD to run & get the camera, but she wouldn't smile after that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eatin Time!

Here's some cute pictures of Rylie during snack time yesterday. She's really getting the hang of those banana puffs & we're starting to drink our juice from a sippy cup! (Excuse the bad lighting)


Just one more!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Hair & Teeth!

HAHA Don't you just LOVE Rylie's new "mohawk" look?! David was playing with her hair after her bath one day & decided to try this look on her. I think she looked pretty darn cute, but it's not an everyday look.
ALSO, she cut 2 more teeth! There's 1 on each side of the 2 bottom center ones. We noticed them late last night & the thing is, she wasn't even showing any teething signs this time! I guess they're coming in a lot easier now! She's got a total of 8 now-4 center ones on top & 4 center ones on bottom.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today was David's first Father's Day! He was real excited! We spent the morning at the pool. It was real empty & quiet. Rylie had so much fun!! We saw some ducks there (the lake is right by the pool) and one decided to get in the pool too! haha Then we drove up north a little & had dinner with Dave's dad & stepmom at Cheesecake Factory-great place to eat!! That's how we spent our day! David said it was great overall & we hope everyone else's was too! Here's some more pictures....

Whew! What a week!

Well, we found out last-minute last weekend that David was going to have to attend a training for his new job in Oklahoma City allll last week. He was gone Mon-Fri & it sure was the longest week of mine & Rylie's life! We missed him so much! It did get pretty boring without him there. We found ways to occupy ourselves though.

On Monday, Rylie got a new toy to play with on her belly.

On Tuesday, we got new furniture delivered for our living room!

On Wednesday, we went to another town & did some shopping...Rylie lookin cute as ever! Her Mimi also came by & had dinner with us!

On Thursday, we went to our community pool for the 1st time! Rylie really enjoyed it!

On Friday, we cleaned house & boy was Rylie EXCITED to see David! I'd never seen her that happy before-it was really cute! She did this hiccup laugh of hers & kept bouncing up & down. David got a really happy welcome home! David said the best part of his trip was seeing the Oklahoma City memorial. He said it was just really beautiful at night!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Many Faces of Rylie...





(You can see all 6 teeth in this one!)

Monday, June 9, 2008


We got great Astros tickets for this past Saturday's game against St. Louis Cardinals! We took our friend Kelly & Dave's friend Mike (both from Houston) and had a great time. Rylie stayed with Mimi & cheered them on from home because it was an evening game. Too bad the Astros lost though :( One great part was us making it on the big screen in the stadium! Some people in front of us won something so we showed up on the screen behind them. hehe Can't wait to hit up another game this summer! Here's some great pictures from Saturday.

We're on the top left of the screen!

Happy Birthday David!!

I'm really late posting this, but David's birthday was this past Thursday. Rylie & I spent the day making handmade cards for him & his favorite cookies-chocolate chip from scratch. Then we took him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant here-Steak & Ale. That was about it! He said it was a great one though, especially being his first as a Daddy!

PS...Here's some pics!

Well, I FINALLY got some pictures uploaded, so here's some new ones....

They don't put up "SOLD" signs anymore :( But yeah, apparently my mom was their realtor-HAHA

Got our house key right after closing!

Celebration lunch with our realtor, Bonnie-she was AWESOME!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Settling In

Well! It's taken me longer to post an update than I thought. We closed on our house May 29! (This day was also one year to the date we found out Rylie was a girl!) We've been doing nothing but unpacking & getting furniture since then. Still have a pretty empty house & lots of boxes though. I'm also trying to get used to the area so Rylie & I can take drives during the day while David's at work, which by the way he loves his new job! He is really having fun there & enjoys working in a real "professional" environment (unlike the TV station). So that's basically the only updates with us so far. I'll be mailing out our new home information soon, so everyone can expect that! Thanks again everyone who's given me positive feedback on our blog & continues to enjoy the updates in our lives! We love hearing kind words from everyone!