Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Bought A House!

This past Thursday & Friday we went to Houston to house-hunt & on the first day we found one! It was like the 6th house we looked at & we absolutely fell in love with it! It's just what we were looking for! It's about 30 miles outside of Houston and is a little over a year old, but the family that's selling it moved in right after it was built & only lived there for 8 months. The dad's an ex-Marine who works for the CIA & was transferred back to Washington, D.C. so it's been empty & on the market for about 5 months now so the family was wanting to sell it fast meaning we talked them down on the price significantly! They accepted our offer & we've been pre-approved on the loan so all we're waiting for is them to get the rest of their furniture out & we close May 29!! I don't want to post any pictures yet because I'm afraid that will jinx it somehow. haha! Wish us luck & pray this will work out for our family!