Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunday School BBQ

I've been quite busy this week & didn't get a chance until now to upload pics from our Sunday School BBQ Rylie and I attended last Saturday (David was working). Rylie was NOT being social at all! When people came over to say hi to her sitting in her stroller in the shade, her little lip came out & she started wailing immediately! haha It was kinda cute tho! Here are some good pictures from the BBQ.
She's just relaxing in her stroller keeping outta the sun!
Mommy forgot to bring Rylie's sunglasses :(
Rylie & baby Raelynn just talking to each other. hehe

Mrs. Vanzee holding baby Bella on the left & Mrs. May holding Rylieroo on the right. Rylie & Bella play in the nursery on Sundays.

Jennifer May LOVED Rylie!