Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our First Anniversary

Well, we've made it one year without pulling each other's hair out! haha So I guess that's good! In continuation of our Dallas visit, we spent Sunday night at the heated pool & Rylie got to swim for the 1st time! She wasn't too sure what to think about it. She just sat in her floaty, chewing on the side of it & didn't move. She then fell asleep after about 10 minutes in there. haha
Monday (our actual anniversary), we met up with a friend of mine from pageant years-Adriana. She actually gave birth to her daughter Sofia the same day I delivered Rylie! We were due 1 day apart too. It was real cute the 2 babies meeting & nice to have Rylie get some "friend playtime" with another baby. Rylie just giggled at her & they were both sitting in their highchairs "talking" to each other during lunch. So adorable!! Then we did a little shopping before heading back home to do more packing! UGH...I hate moving. But overall we had a great Mother's Day/Anniversary weekend & we're gonna miss being able to drive to Dallas sooo much!
Here's some more pictures:
Rylie in her 1st swimsuit--how cute is she!

Relaxing in the pool =)

All worn out!

Girls lunch! hehe

Me & Adriana with our hollywood babies-don't they look THRILLED! haha