Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look Who's 7 Months Old!

Yesterday was Rylie's 7 month "birthday!" Already getting to be a big girl! Breaks my heart more & more each day! haha Well, here are some more things Rylie can do now:
*shakes her head "no"
*gives "sugars" & hugs
*can play by herself
*starting to wave to people
She has absolutely wanted nothing to do with crawling so far though. She always wants to stand, so she might be one of those "skippers" going straight to walking. We prefer to have her crawling first & we're still working with her on that. She has started with more solid foods other than her baby food. We've been trying the banana puffs that disolve in the mouth & yesterday we tried this thing where you put food in the net & babies chew on it, eating the food without the risk of choking. So we tried out a carrot stick. Didn't seem too interested in that! It'll be good when she has teething pains though & wants something hard to chew on.
Sunday was also David's last day at the tv station-HALLELUJAH!!! We ended up going up there yesterday though to say goodbye to everyone else & turn in some things. Rylie was offered a job!

I think she'd make a GREAT anchor! She'd have every viewer tuning in to see the cutest baby in the world! hehe Here are some more pictures of her big day yesterday turning 7 months old:
Her new fascination is shadows outside. Can't get her to stop lookin at them!
Some relaxing reading time on the couch. hehe
Just a cute one. Notice the nice plants on our patio I've managed to keep alive since FEB!!