Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hope everyone's day was great! Ours was pretty hectic! I worked in the church nursery for the last time today :( Then we spent a little time with my mom before going home, taking a few pictures & heading off to Dallas area! We met up with my friends Erin & Eric at their house & then we all went to dinner. There, we decided to make Mother's Day special for Erin (who doesn't have kids, YET ::hint, Erin have kids soon, hint::). We asked Erin & Eric at dinner if they would be Rylie's godparents & they would then take care of her if anything were to happen to David & I (knock on wood). It just gives David & I more peace of mind in case something WERE to happen.
After dinner David, Rylie, & I checked into a Hilton here in Dallas & Rylie will get to go swimming in the pool here for the first time! Hopefully she'll like it! We got her a little baby floating inflatable for her to sit in & kick around in the pool. hehe
Anyways, we'll write more tomorrow in continuation of our last trip to Dallas for awhile since we're moving outta driving distance. It's actually our first anniversary tomorrow too! OH! PS, Rylie's 5th tooth came in yesterday FINALLY! She's still teething bad though so I think 1-2 are still about to pop through. We'll see! Have a great night!

My first Mother's Day as a mommy!

My beautiful baby that makes everything as wonderful as she is!

The new godparents~Erin & Eric!