Monday, May 26, 2008

Allergic to Moving

Oh how I wish I could say that was really true! However, I've just had some real severe allergies the past 3 or 4 days & it sure hasn't made all this moving & going back & forth to Houston any easier! We are FINALLY now considered Houstonians though! We've got all our stuff moved here & we're staying with Dave's mom until we close on our house THIS THURSDAY morning! I cannot wait until then & we can move into our new home! "Mimi" is going to enjoy having Rylie all this week though! And we're all going to enjoy a nice week off before David starts his new job next Monday & a nice break from moving! Well, I'll try to post pictures of our new home as soon as possible, but it'll probably take us awhile to get moved on in. Until then, here's a picture of us outside it the day we made an offer.

Farewell Waco

This past Saturday evening (after driving into Waco that afternoon & barely getting back in time) we had a farewell dinner near our home. We had a great turnout for it! This was just a chance to get to see everyone again before we headed out. Here are some pictures from the dinner. Thanks everyone for coming!

Sarah & Isaac

Aunt Tressa & Uncle Leon

Rylie & Grandpa

Rylie & Grandma

Getting sugars from cousin Isaac

Getting sugars from Rylie

Shelly & Us girls

Poor baby was sooo tired!

AJ's 1st Birthday Party!

I know I'm 2 days late posting this, but this past Saturday was BUSY for us McCrary's! At lunchtime, Rylie went to her buddy AJ's 1st birthday party! I can't believe he's already one!! His mom, Christine graduated college with David & worked with both of us at the station in Waco. Christine and I were pregnant together! AJ had lots of friends there & we were so glad we were in Houston to attend his awesome party! Here are some pictures from that.
Playing with other kiddos! Talking to some new friends! heheRylie & AJ with his HUGE pinata behind him-hehe

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look Who's 7 Months Old!

Yesterday was Rylie's 7 month "birthday!" Already getting to be a big girl! Breaks my heart more & more each day! haha Well, here are some more things Rylie can do now:
*shakes her head "no"
*gives "sugars" & hugs
*can play by herself
*starting to wave to people
She has absolutely wanted nothing to do with crawling so far though. She always wants to stand, so she might be one of those "skippers" going straight to walking. We prefer to have her crawling first & we're still working with her on that. She has started with more solid foods other than her baby food. We've been trying the banana puffs that disolve in the mouth & yesterday we tried this thing where you put food in the net & babies chew on it, eating the food without the risk of choking. So we tried out a carrot stick. Didn't seem too interested in that! It'll be good when she has teething pains though & wants something hard to chew on.
Sunday was also David's last day at the tv station-HALLELUJAH!!! We ended up going up there yesterday though to say goodbye to everyone else & turn in some things. Rylie was offered a job!

I think she'd make a GREAT anchor! She'd have every viewer tuning in to see the cutest baby in the world! hehe Here are some more pictures of her big day yesterday turning 7 months old:
Her new fascination is shadows outside. Can't get her to stop lookin at them!
Some relaxing reading time on the couch. hehe
Just a cute one. Notice the nice plants on our patio I've managed to keep alive since FEB!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bath Fun!

Tonight was Rylie's first time to actually start "playing" in her bathtub. After washing her, she just kinda stared at the water & kept putting her hand in it & taking it out, then giggling. hehe Then I showed her that her ducky floats in there & she immediately picked it up & started playing with it. I had to take pictures of course!

She mostly closes her eyes now because the flash it too bright!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another tooth!

Rylie has now popped through her SIXTH tooth! And she's barely gonna be 7 months old on Monday! She is such an amazing baby! We're grateful to see a little relief from her teething suffers. Hopefully we'll get a nice break from it all during this move. But so far she's got her bottom 2 center ones and 4 top centers ones in. We kinda tried out some finger foods yesterday called banana puffs. She's not sure what to think of them. She tries to play with them because I don't think she understands that she can eat them. We'll see how that goes. Anyways, that's the latest update with us! (PS it's our last Friday in this home :( So sad!)

(Her favorite teething-chewing toy)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 Month Pics Are In!!

How freaking adorable is she?!!!
These are my favs!
Everyone can be expecting their very own wallet copy soon!

Thanks again to Jeff Oliver-photographer!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our First Anniversary

Well, we've made it one year without pulling each other's hair out! haha So I guess that's good! In continuation of our Dallas visit, we spent Sunday night at the heated pool & Rylie got to swim for the 1st time! She wasn't too sure what to think about it. She just sat in her floaty, chewing on the side of it & didn't move. She then fell asleep after about 10 minutes in there. haha
Monday (our actual anniversary), we met up with a friend of mine from pageant years-Adriana. She actually gave birth to her daughter Sofia the same day I delivered Rylie! We were due 1 day apart too. It was real cute the 2 babies meeting & nice to have Rylie get some "friend playtime" with another baby. Rylie just giggled at her & they were both sitting in their highchairs "talking" to each other during lunch. So adorable!! Then we did a little shopping before heading back home to do more packing! UGH...I hate moving. But overall we had a great Mother's Day/Anniversary weekend & we're gonna miss being able to drive to Dallas sooo much!
Here's some more pictures:
Rylie in her 1st swimsuit--how cute is she!

Relaxing in the pool =)

All worn out!

Girls lunch! hehe

Me & Adriana with our hollywood babies-don't they look THRILLED! haha

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hope everyone's day was great! Ours was pretty hectic! I worked in the church nursery for the last time today :( Then we spent a little time with my mom before going home, taking a few pictures & heading off to Dallas area! We met up with my friends Erin & Eric at their house & then we all went to dinner. There, we decided to make Mother's Day special for Erin (who doesn't have kids, YET ::hint, Erin have kids soon, hint::). We asked Erin & Eric at dinner if they would be Rylie's godparents & they would then take care of her if anything were to happen to David & I (knock on wood). It just gives David & I more peace of mind in case something WERE to happen.
After dinner David, Rylie, & I checked into a Hilton here in Dallas & Rylie will get to go swimming in the pool here for the first time! Hopefully she'll like it! We got her a little baby floating inflatable for her to sit in & kick around in the pool. hehe
Anyways, we'll write more tomorrow in continuation of our last trip to Dallas for awhile since we're moving outta driving distance. It's actually our first anniversary tomorrow too! OH! PS, Rylie's 5th tooth came in yesterday FINALLY! She's still teething bad though so I think 1-2 are still about to pop through. We'll see! Have a great night!

My first Mother's Day as a mommy!

My beautiful baby that makes everything as wonderful as she is!

The new godparents~Erin & Eric!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Bought A House!

This past Thursday & Friday we went to Houston to house-hunt & on the first day we found one! It was like the 6th house we looked at & we absolutely fell in love with it! It's just what we were looking for! It's about 30 miles outside of Houston and is a little over a year old, but the family that's selling it moved in right after it was built & only lived there for 8 months. The dad's an ex-Marine who works for the CIA & was transferred back to Washington, D.C. so it's been empty & on the market for about 5 months now so the family was wanting to sell it fast meaning we talked them down on the price significantly! They accepted our offer & we've been pre-approved on the loan so all we're waiting for is them to get the rest of their furniture out & we close May 29!! I don't want to post any pictures yet because I'm afraid that will jinx it somehow. haha! Wish us luck & pray this will work out for our family!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Yesterday evening Rylie had her 2nd photoshoot (the 1st was for our family Christmas pics). Mommy's friends Shelly & Jeff Oliver met us at the Arboretum in Woodway to take Rylie's official 6 month photos. They have a really nice photography camera (so jealous haha)! I'm real excited to see how they turn out. Here's a couple of pics we took on the side too!
"Behind the scenes" haha

Such a pretty background!

Me & Rylie with Shelly & her daughter Kinley~Look how big our girls have gotten!

Sunday School BBQ

I've been quite busy this week & didn't get a chance until now to upload pics from our Sunday School BBQ Rylie and I attended last Saturday (David was working). Rylie was NOT being social at all! When people came over to say hi to her sitting in her stroller in the shade, her little lip came out & she started wailing immediately! haha It was kinda cute tho! Here are some good pictures from the BBQ.
She's just relaxing in her stroller keeping outta the sun!
Mommy forgot to bring Rylie's sunglasses :(
Rylie & baby Raelynn just talking to each other. hehe

Mrs. Vanzee holding baby Bella on the left & Mrs. May holding Rylieroo on the right. Rylie & Bella play in the nursery on Sundays.

Jennifer May LOVED Rylie!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rylie's Modeling Debut

Rylie is now a baby model for a local boutique here called Carol & Company. We're really great customers there & Rylie's pictures in their outfits will now be featured on their website! Check her out at and click on Shop at the top, then Baby on the left. There's only 2 pictures up right now (the ladybug outfit & the princess tutu), but the owner's already requested more so keep checking back! I've also added this website to our Links on the right side of this blog. It won't be long & she'll be in Vogue-haha!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Well, we got the call this morning-David got a job in Houston that will be taking our family there later this month. He'll be working at an audio/video production company selling equipment to churches down there-perfect job for him! As it looks right now, we'll be moving the week of May 25. David's first day is June 2. We're planning a big going away party & will let everyone know when that will be for those local folks. We've got a lot of people to say goodbye too, but not for forever of course! I've got my family here that will bring us back frequently. Of course I'll also keep this blog going so everybody can stay updated with all the latest Rylie & family news! So wish us luck on house hunting & with the move!

Mommy Wins!

So yesterday David, Rylie and I were at Casey's parents' house visiting & Rylie was just laughing so hard at Casey's little nephew & niece. Then, when we were about to leave Rylie started whining & she actually said "Mama" over & over again! There were several witnesses, so I'm not making it up. David made a lil sad face & tried to get her to say "Dadda" on the spot, but she wasn't giving in. Of course, this doesn't actually count as her first word because she's not saying it with any meaning. She was just whining & that word came out of all of it. BUT it was enough to make my day & I still believe Rylie is & always will be Daddy's girl!