Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, this IS Texas!

So we had an eventful night last night! I was sleeping soundly...dreaming of cherry pie (I've been on a diet for awhile, gimmie a break!) when suddenly David woke me up about 4am and said we needed to take cover because some bad storms were coming. So I grabbed my pillow, cell phone, and flashlight I keep on my nightstand while David got Rylie outta bed & brought her, her pillow & kitty down to the half bath. We could see the TV in the living room from in there, so we kept on eye on the news. Then they stated a tornado had touched down on I-35, which we live 2 min away from, and was heading north-right toward us. I started calling & texting everybody I knew that lived near us & in the line of fire. The news was issuing everybody to take cover & then we lost cable. Good thing we still had a radio in there! Literally 10 min later, the tornado & storm moved to the East (we live West of I-35) & we were no longer in danger. It was over pretty quick, but it sure still scared me! Especially after our tornado we had 2 years ago! I was very proud of Rylie though, she just smiled at David & me while we huddled in there! Didn't fuss a bit for us waking her up! haha I think we did good for our "drill."

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