Saturday, April 12, 2008

USA's Finest!

First off, congrats to Miss Texas USA-Crystal Stewart who took home the crown Friday night as MISS USA 2008! It had been way too long since Texas last won! I actually met Crystal a little over a year ago in Houston and she's such a sweet girl-very deserving!

Now, I wanna share a story with everyone....when I was in the 6th grade, one of our assignments was to write a letter to the President of the United States voicing a concern we each had. Well, at the time, nothing in my life was done that didn't include "pageants" and I had been wondering why there were no handicapped girls in pageants. So, my letter to the President was my wish that handicapped girls (kids especially) were more included in things other kids did. One of my classmates over-read my letter I was writing and loudly made fun of me because "pageants were stupid." It wasn't just about "pageants" though, it was about handicapped kids being able to participate with others just the same and I had used a pageant as an example. WELL, I don't know if anybody actually watched the Miss USA pageant tonight, and if you did I don't know if anybody noticed Miss Iowa USA was being escorted the entire time she walked onstage. At first I thought she had just twisted her ankle or something, but I was curious so I looked her up and it turns out she was born with cerebral palsey! In case I didn't mention it before this is what my friend Casey Faubion, who passed away in January, was born with as well. Miss Iowa USA, Abby Curran is the first state titleholder in Miss USA history to have a special challenge. I guess my concern wasn't so "stupid" afterall, because Abby had the same one and she overcame her disability and walked that stage beautifully! This was by far, Miss USA's finest pageant ever!

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