Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, ever since I've been pregnant with Rylie I've been more and more crafty! Here are 2 little projects I made recently. One is called a "diaper cupcake" and I took it to a friend at the hospital after she delivered her daughter. It's made of rolled up diapers, surrounding a single bottle with a bib across the front. It would usually also have pacifiers on top, but the mom didn't want her baby on pacifiers because she's breastfeeding so I just put little accents on there instead. So here's a picture of how it turned out!

Another project I made is called a "diaper cake." This is a baby gift for a co-worker of David's. Usually you might see one of these displayed at a baby shower. I made hers a mini cake since it's just a baby gift instead and I made it out of all her bath-time accessories on her registry. It's made of rolled up diapers, topped off with a duck spout cover, accented with travel-size bath stuff like shampoo, body wash, baby powder, creams, and washcloths and then it's got a hooded towel across the front. I also placed a rubber duck on there that tells you when the water's too hot. Here is how it turned out!

So if anybody needs a gift for a baby shower or hospital visit, I can make one of these for you! If you're needing one for displaying at a baby shower, I can make those too & it would be layered like a huge cake would look like. These can also be used for wedding/bridal showers & made with hand towels/washcloths instead & accented with all kinds of things-kitchen utensils, cooking ingredients, etc. These things run very expensive online, but they're very cheap to make! So here's some good ideas!