Saturday, April 19, 2008

6 Months Later!

Well, 6 months ago today, at this time, Rylie Paige was born! I CANNOT BELIEVE it's already been that long! I remember this time last year it felt like forever until we would find out the sex of the baby and then it felt like forever until she'd be born, but now looking back it seems like it was just yesterday.
I am very proud to say that I am back to my pre-pregnacy size-FINALLY! =)
Here are some things Rylie can do now:
*Sit up on her own for a long time & plays with toys while sitting
*Stands on her own when holding onto something shoulder-height to her for a long time
*Babbles many vowels & vowel combinations
*Ticklish on her sides, neck, & under arms
*Holds her own bottle
*Can touch her feet & bring them to her mouth
*Puts herself to sleep & sleeps through the night
*Eats 2 meals of veggies a day (starting fruits next week!)
*Drinks 4 oz. of apple juice a day
*Can pull her top half of her body up when laying on her belly
*Gives hugs
*Can give a high five! haha
*Responds to her name
*Rolls from belly to back both left & right ways
*Is starting to do "dance" moves haha
Her 6 month checkup is next Tuesday, so we'll have height & weight information then. She's also getting professional pictures taken in 2 weeks for her 6 month shots & we can't wait to post those!

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