Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two Firsts

On Thursday night (David's night off work), we decided to go out to eat for dinner & Rylie sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time! She has a cute little high chair cover with tiaras on it that says "Princess" all over & her name on the front. She looked like such a big girl & got lots of compliments from other customers in there!

THEN, on Friday morning David and Rylie were playing on the floor and Rylie rolled from her back to her belly for the first time! So far she's only been able to go belly to back. David was sooo excited to witness it! He kept videotaping her all morning to try & catch a repeat, but she wouldn't do it again. Here's a picture he snapped right after her achievement.

(He was in a hurry so there's a fingerprint, but I still think it's the cutest picture-she looks so proud of herself!)


So, ever since I've been pregnant with Rylie I've been more and more crafty! Here are 2 little projects I made recently. One is called a "diaper cupcake" and I took it to a friend at the hospital after she delivered her daughter. It's made of rolled up diapers, surrounding a single bottle with a bib across the front. It would usually also have pacifiers on top, but the mom didn't want her baby on pacifiers because she's breastfeeding so I just put little accents on there instead. So here's a picture of how it turned out!

Another project I made is called a "diaper cake." This is a baby gift for a co-worker of David's. Usually you might see one of these displayed at a baby shower. I made hers a mini cake since it's just a baby gift instead and I made it out of all her bath-time accessories on her registry. It's made of rolled up diapers, topped off with a duck spout cover, accented with travel-size bath stuff like shampoo, body wash, baby powder, creams, and washcloths and then it's got a hooded towel across the front. I also placed a rubber duck on there that tells you when the water's too hot. Here is how it turned out!

So if anybody needs a gift for a baby shower or hospital visit, I can make one of these for you! If you're needing one for displaying at a baby shower, I can make those too & it would be layered like a huge cake would look like. These can also be used for wedding/bridal showers & made with hand towels/washcloths instead & accented with all kinds of things-kitchen utensils, cooking ingredients, etc. These things run very expensive online, but they're very cheap to make! So here's some good ideas!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get out the handkerchiefs

My dad just called & informed me that my great aunt Mary Lee passed away last night. She is my dad's dad's sister. She has been battling cancer for many years now & last night she was released from that misery at last. If you all remember, it was her 75th birthday party we attended back in February. The whole family got together for a big suprise birthday party for her because we didn't think she'd make it to our next family reunion this August. I'm really glad we got to attend & she got to see everybody again. It's going to be weird at this year's reunion without her :( Keep her family in your prayers! She's in a better place now, but her family still misses her!

RIP Mary Lee Sisk (1933-2008)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

6 months shots

This morning we took Rylie in for her 6 month checkup. She now weighs 15 lbs 12 oz (barely under 16 lbs) and is 26 inches long exactly. We weren't as prepared for these shots today, BECAUSE the Dr's office called last week and said they were out of one of the shots she needed & we could come back the week after her 6 month checkup to get it, so I thought they were going to wait until then for all the shots, but no. She got 3 shots today & was very mad at us for it! It didn't last long, however. We took her to Babies R Us afterwards & bought her a new play doll. Then her aunt Sarah came over to see her. Now I just really dread going back next week for the other shot she missed today. :(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where's Kitty?

A few people have noticed how her Kitty is in almost every picture with her-well, David decided to take some "Where's Kitty?" pictures the other day & here they are!

THIS is what you're looking for!

She loves her kitty!

6 Months Later!

Well, 6 months ago today, at this time, Rylie Paige was born! I CANNOT BELIEVE it's already been that long! I remember this time last year it felt like forever until we would find out the sex of the baby and then it felt like forever until she'd be born, but now looking back it seems like it was just yesterday.
I am very proud to say that I am back to my pre-pregnacy size-FINALLY! =)
Here are some things Rylie can do now:
*Sit up on her own for a long time & plays with toys while sitting
*Stands on her own when holding onto something shoulder-height to her for a long time
*Babbles many vowels & vowel combinations
*Ticklish on her sides, neck, & under arms
*Holds her own bottle
*Can touch her feet & bring them to her mouth
*Puts herself to sleep & sleeps through the night
*Eats 2 meals of veggies a day (starting fruits next week!)
*Drinks 4 oz. of apple juice a day
*Can pull her top half of her body up when laying on her belly
*Gives hugs
*Can give a high five! haha
*Responds to her name
*Rolls from belly to back both left & right ways
*Is starting to do "dance" moves haha
Her 6 month checkup is next Tuesday, so we'll have height & weight information then. She's also getting professional pictures taken in 2 weeks for her 6 month shots & we can't wait to post those!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Fun Outting

Today was lovely weather & David's day off work, so we went downtown to the suspension bridge & fed the ducks! Rylie also rode in the big-girl part of her stroller for the first time today! She was pretty tired when we got there, but still seemed excited by it all. Here's some really great pictures from today!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brush Brush Brush!

Tonight Rylie got her teeth brushed for the first time! Her first 2 she got are barely sticking out enough to do that, so my dentist said we can start now! She's got a little baby toothbrush that's so cute! She kept trying to bite it tonight though or suck on it like a passy-haha! But now she'll have clean sparkling pearly whites! Speaking of....she's got ANOTHER one bout to pop through on the top right side!!! Where are all these teeth coming from?!! Seriously, every time we turn around, there's another one! At this rate, she'll have them all by her first birthday! haha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

USA's Finest!

First off, congrats to Miss Texas USA-Crystal Stewart who took home the crown Friday night as MISS USA 2008! It had been way too long since Texas last won! I actually met Crystal a little over a year ago in Houston and she's such a sweet girl-very deserving!

Now, I wanna share a story with everyone....when I was in the 6th grade, one of our assignments was to write a letter to the President of the United States voicing a concern we each had. Well, at the time, nothing in my life was done that didn't include "pageants" and I had been wondering why there were no handicapped girls in pageants. So, my letter to the President was my wish that handicapped girls (kids especially) were more included in things other kids did. One of my classmates over-read my letter I was writing and loudly made fun of me because "pageants were stupid." It wasn't just about "pageants" though, it was about handicapped kids being able to participate with others just the same and I had used a pageant as an example. WELL, I don't know if anybody actually watched the Miss USA pageant tonight, and if you did I don't know if anybody noticed Miss Iowa USA was being escorted the entire time she walked onstage. At first I thought she had just twisted her ankle or something, but I was curious so I looked her up and it turns out she was born with cerebral palsey! In case I didn't mention it before this is what my friend Casey Faubion, who passed away in January, was born with as well. Miss Iowa USA, Abby Curran is the first state titleholder in Miss USA history to have a special challenge. I guess my concern wasn't so "stupid" afterall, because Abby had the same one and she overcame her disability and walked that stage beautifully! This was by far, Miss USA's finest pageant ever!

Big Girl Bath!

Thursday night, Rylie began sitting in the big girl part of her bath tub! Since she's starting to sit on her own now, it was time to get rid of the baby net she used to lay in.

"Mommy, can I please play with my rubber ducky?"

Our nightly routine now includes her standing at her fish humidifier & saying goodnight to the fishies. She can now stand on her own, holding on to the little table here!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, this IS Texas!

So we had an eventful night last night! I was sleeping soundly...dreaming of cherry pie (I've been on a diet for awhile, gimmie a break!) when suddenly David woke me up about 4am and said we needed to take cover because some bad storms were coming. So I grabbed my pillow, cell phone, and flashlight I keep on my nightstand while David got Rylie outta bed & brought her, her pillow & kitty down to the half bath. We could see the TV in the living room from in there, so we kept on eye on the news. Then they stated a tornado had touched down on I-35, which we live 2 min away from, and was heading north-right toward us. I started calling & texting everybody I knew that lived near us & in the line of fire. The news was issuing everybody to take cover & then we lost cable. Good thing we still had a radio in there! Literally 10 min later, the tornado & storm moved to the East (we live West of I-35) & we were no longer in danger. It was over pretty quick, but it sure still scared me! Especially after our tornado we had 2 years ago! I was very proud of Rylie though, she just smiled at David & me while we huddled in there! Didn't fuss a bit for us waking her up! haha I think we did good for our "drill."

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So Rylie has finally cut some more teeth! This past weekend, 2 more broke through on the top. They're not in the center though, there's 1 on each side of where the 2 center teeth will go. She's been super cranky lately & just chewing on her bibs, shirts, blankets, burp cloths, kitty! :( Poor baby just can't get a break!

New Shoes

I absolutely LOVE her most recent new pair of shoes! They slip on easily & look super cute on her! "I'll bet she can walk all day in shoes like that & not feel a thing!" haha

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Princess? Not so much!

I bought Rylie this princess outfit before she was born & it was supposed to be her "hospital-picture-outfit" from when she was born, but it was too cold to wear, SO I wanted to get pictures of her in it before she outgrew it, but that was not an easy task. She instead wanted to play with the ribbon on the tutu part or chew on her shirt or her hands and not look at mommy at all! Couldn't even get a smile out of her!


Yes, that's her real eye color!
She likes posing! haha
She looks like she's still a baby here :(