Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our St Pattys Weekend

This past weekend, our little family went to visit Houston for a long visit! Dave and I went out to dinner Friday night with our good friends Kelly & Mike while Rylieroo stayed with her Mimi. Saturday, we went shopping & then looked at a neighborhood we MIGHT think about moving to IF we move to Houston. Sunday, David and I took Rylie to church for Palm Sunday and David got to show off "baby Jesus" and how much bigger she is to all his friends there and we got to see Dave's brother's new apartment. Then Sunday night we went to Dave's dad's house & ate dinner with them! THEN Monday, St Patty's Day, David and I took Rylie to the Houston Aquarium and lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before visiting her Mimi at work & meeting all the workers there. Monday evening David took me to a wine bar called Cova and we had a little time away while Rylie had girl time with her Mimi. We headed back this morning. It was a very eventful weekend! It seems no matter how long we stay down there sometimes, it's never enough to do all the things we want to do! Also, this evening we tried Rylie on rice cereal again and she took it well! She actually opened her mouth & wanted more! She ate the entire little bowl I made of it and then 2 hours later was hungry again so she had almost the full amount of her usual bottle before bed. YAY! This is much progress! Anyways, here's some good pictures from this past weekend!

Date night at PF Chang's

This one is for Mimi-her favorite baby in her favorite sleeping position!

About to go shopping Saturday

David & Rylie outside church Sunday morning-look at Mommy's big girl!

Us at Dave's dad's house

Our little leprachaun baby on her 1st St Pattys Day!

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