Monday, March 31, 2008

New Toys!

So Rylie has pretty much outgrown her little rainforest bouncer :( I'm sad because I've been putting her in that practically since she was born & she used to loooove it! Now she gets bored in it, so we've moved on to big-girl toys!

Here is her activity center-walker combo that Santa brought her! The ladies at the church nursery have been putting her in one of these on Sunday mornings & she's been loving it, so Mommy finally put together her own! She absolutely LOOOOVES this thing! She just giggles soo loud at all the noises it makes! It later converts into a walker too!

These are her 2 new toys she bought today with her own money! She had some giftcards & cash still from Christmas & got more cash for Easter, so she spent some today. One is a basketball toy that applauds & you can make it taller as she begins to stand. The other is a little farm yard toy that animals spin & make noises. She loves them both!

Here is her piano toy Daddy gave her for Easter. Her friend Kinley had one & she liked it so now she has her own! It's been a fun day so far!

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