Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So we've been really good today getting back on schedule after being thrown off this past week and a half. We have successfully tried carrots yesterday and so far she really enjoys them! No signs of any sensitivity or allergy so it looks like we've finally gotten started on solids for sure!
On a side note, I read an article online earlier that said babies born in 2007 will cost $269,040 to raise to the age of 18 for middle-income families and $148,320 for lower-income families. This includes everything-transportation, housing, food, medical needs, and education fees (not including college, however). Guess we better start saving up! haha
Oh yeah, the pic above-I found that shirt yesterday for $2 & thought it was cute! She thought it was funny too!

Yumm! She loves her carrots!
(Dad's not the cleanest feeder! haha)

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Shelly said...

YAY FOR SOLIDS! kinners has that onesie too! lol