Friday, March 21, 2008

5 Months Old & Not Well

Well, Rylie turned 5 months old 2 days ago and she's been sick ever since. After we tried her on rice cereal again Tuesday evening, she got sick on Wednesday-very cranky, bloated and gassy belly. I did try more rice cereal Wednesday evening, but she wouldn't take it. Then on Thursday, yesterday, she was MAD all day-very very cranky, gassy again, stuffy/runny nose, and couldn't sleep real well. She only reached a 99.1 temperature. I ended up having to hold her in an upright position for hours yesterday afternoon so she could sleep. Whenever I moved just an inch, she would wake up and cry some more. It was really really sad. So this morning we took her in to the doctor. He said she's just got an allergy to the rice cereal right now and we could go ahead & try her on vegetables, but we need to wait a few days for the rice cereal to get completely out of her system. This doesn't mean she'll be allergic to rice in the future. He said it just means she has an allergic reaction to it now. So far today she's been almost back to her old self.

This is the best 5 month old picture I could get lately since she's been sick. But MAJOR props to David, the best dad in the world! He ran out at 3am this morning to get Rylie a new humidifier because her old one broke & leaked water all over. Poor baby was breathing heavy & all stopped up!
Old froggy humidifier & the new, fancy aquarium humidifier!
She was seriously scared of the new humidifier!!
But Mommy rescued her from it!!

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